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View a sample DNA Test result by easyDNA UK.

Sample DNA Paternity Test Results

We have attached here two sample DNA test results so that you can see what your DNA paternity test result will look like. There are no names on the report as this is only a sample. However, for your convenience, the test report will show you what is included in our standard result and how the results will be presented.

  • DNA Paternity Test - Motherless Inclusion.pdf
  • DNA Paternity Test - Motherless Exclusion.pdf

This sample DNA test report is for a motherless paternity test. The result includes a list of all the genetic markers (alleles) tested to arrive at the final result. Reports for other types of DNA tests will differ slightly with the wording and conclusions depending on which test you have performed.

To understand your paternity test result visit our page : How to Interpret your DNA Paternity test result.

Other information about our DNA Test Results to note:

  1. One of the genetic loci tested, labelled as Amelogenin is used to confirm the sex of the person. See article 'The Amelogenin Gene in DNA Testing' for more information.
  2. Tests performed using a discrete sample, such as hair or semen, do not change the presentation of the DNA test result since once the DNA is successfully extracted, the testing process is similar to that using a standard swab analysis.

Get your own Electropherogram

easyDNA now gives you the opportunity to have your DNA sequence presented to you as a graphical image called an electropherogram. Click here to understand more >>> What is an electropherogram?

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